Avi Miller & Ofer Ben

Native Israelis, Avi Miller and Ofer Ben are tap dancers, performers, teachers and producers. Their tap dancing experience spans on over 40 years, and they have performed and taught in countries such as: Australia, Canada, China, France, Finland, Holland, Japan, Thailand, UK and throughout Israel and the USA. Their master classes are sought after and known for their high energy, fun atmosphere and (sophisticated?!?) humor.

In 2001 they relocated to New York, where they currently produce The Big Apple Tap Festival.
The festival is an annual event that includes three days of master classes from 'Star Studded' Tap Faculty, Tap history talks, video presentations and a participant’s showcase held in a professional New York City Theater. The upcoming festival is scheduled for November 13-15, 2016.

Their line of Tap Shoes – The Miller & Ben Tap Shoes – is known as one of the world's best 'Musical Tap Instruments'. The shoes are worn by most of the professionals in the industry, and are highly recommended for their unique sound and longtime durability. These handmade shoes come in 10 different styles, with 50 available colors that can be mixed and matched into endless combinations, and are sold in selected stores worldwide, as well as on www.TapEmporium.com.

The M&B shoes will be available for fitting and purchase during the festival.